Present Day: Escaping to Europe

As I sit in the United Lounge biding my time until the embarkation time of my flight, I am contemplating how my future will change in the following months.

On one hand, running away to Europe will be the icing on the ‘Sundae of my life’. It’s how I envision the pinnacle of my collegiate career, traipsing through Europe, backpacking from hostel to hostel, meeting fresh new faces, and exploring a diverse range of cultures.

On the other hand, it could significantly impact the course of my Job Search. It makes me less available to companies that express interest in interviewing me, and despite the proliferation of Skype, the interactions are not quite as genuine as person-to-person can be.

World map depicting Europe Esperanto: Mondmapo...

However, it is also important to consider the following. I have been aggressively applying for jobs since October, I have about 100-125 applications roaming, from East Coast to West Coast, and across the Atlantic to companies in Europe. I’ve currently ranked up 15 blatant rejections, a sprinkling of dead silences, and a medley of ‘we are assessing our hiring capabilities.’ Even if I did cancel my travel plans, there’s no guarantee that the 2-months foregone of Europe would result in a full-time job.

The end hope I have is that, corporations need to understand, long and hard years were invested in our degrees of higher education. We spent summers working, or participating in research programs and internships to bulk up our resumes.

Do we not deserve a break? Why shouldn’t we explore the world before being reduced to 2-3 week vacations?

What did you do after college? What memories do glimpses of your early-20s self show you?

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