About Me

This is Me.

This is Me.

Let’s face it. As humans traversing through life, we are subject to UNIQUE, INDIVIDUAL, and SUBJECTIVE experiences. CHALLENGES shape us, EMOTIONS break us, and AGE teaches us wisdom. This is my story, my growth, my obstacles. This is the story of my life, my own personal battles, and a memoir of growth, and setbacks.

Present Day:

I’m Jennifer. I’m 26,  and I’ve worked hard to get where I am in life. And even now, I question if the sacrifices I’ve made have been worth it.

Do I enjoy the path I have taken? I do. But is there an alternative that would have brought me closer to happiness? I think so.

I just finished Graduate School, where I was studying Structural Engineering, and I can’t help but look apprehensively towards what the future has to bring. I have somehow acquired a job in the great state of Texas, but despite the caliber of buildings I get to work on (and subsequently design), I still find my self lacking in fulfillment.

Once again I find myself lost in this sea of humans. As a strong proponent of the Phoenix, I will now bring you reflectively into my past, to rediscover my origins, in an effort to envision the ambiguity of my post-grad life.


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  1. edmooneyphotography
    Apr 10, 2013 @ 06:14:06

    Hi Jennifer, Thanks for taking the time to stop by and follow my blog, 🙂


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