About Me

Let’s face it. As humans traversing through life, we are subject to UNIQUE, INDIVIDUAL, and SUBJECTIVE experiences. CHALLENGES shape us, EMOTIONS break us, and AGE teaches us wisdom. This is the story of my travels and how they have shaped the way I view the world.

Present Day:

I’m Jennifer. I’m 28,  and I’ve worked hard to get where I am in life. I’m a middle child with an older brother and a younger sister, and all the psychological theories they have about “middle child syndrome” apply to me in some sense or another. Rather than being a detriment to my personal growth, it has been a benefit. I feel that this role in my family has shaped me to be the independent individual I am today. 

Who I am today has not come without sacrifices. At the expense of a robust social life, I spent hours in college pouring over my books in order to maintain a high GPA, despite my parent’s vocalizations that they wanted me to enjoy my college experience. What they didn’t consciously acknowledge is that I felt a need to excel where my brother did not, to obtain my B.S. in Engineering.

I knew even then that I wanted to go to a top-rated graduate school to enhance by understanding of my chosen specialty in Structural Engineering. This required high grades, diverse extra-curricular activities, and a well-crafted personal essay. When I got accepted by my top-choice school, Stanford. I thought my future was set.

Stanford was not joke. For the first few weeks I was plagued by the “impostor syndrome,” I thought that the university had made a mistake. It took a full quarter before I learned that I could not approach graduate school in the same way that I had approached Rutgers. I could still perform reasonably well without having to compromise social activities with my newfound friends. I learned that life is not simply about numbers, and though they say your college years are the best time of life, it was in fact my years at Stanford that I look back at the most fondly.

Much to my surprise I graduated without a single job offer. As my official commencement ceremony was not for another 3-months, I took the opportunity to solo-backpack around Europe, a decision that I had to fight hard for against my parents. The one thing I knew about American companies is that they lack the generosity of their European and Australian counterparts when it comes to vacation days. I have never felt more free or alive than during that period of my life.

After I returned to the states, I  hoped to get a job on the West Coast or the East Cost. However as luck would have it, the best starting point for my career ended up being on the South Coast, in Texas.

I have now been in Texas for 4-years, far longer than I had ever planned. I own a house which I share with my boyfriend Tom, our Samoyed puppy Hiro, and our disgruntled Tabby Ciara. Texas is still not my first-choice of state to settle down in, but when you meet the one you will spend the rest of your life with, and factor in financial responsibilities, it is certainly the most practical.

I still feel unfulfilled. I am grateful for my amazing friends, my loving and supportive family, and that I don’t have to struggle to survive, but I remain discontent, and guilty for feeling such. Is this all we have to look forward to? A 9-5 salaried job that allows us to maintain a certain quality of life in both our present and our future? My work changes skylines. I get to watch new buildings from birth to completion, yet the personal gratification of seeing my work manifest itself is fleeting.

I use travel as my escape. Traveling abroad allows me to wear a different lenses while immersing myself in a different culture and lifestyle. It educates us, broadens our senses, and humbles us as human-beings. Travel is my passion. This blog is a composition of the personal growth and reflections that each unique destination have taught me.

If you are not a traveler, or are wary of traveling, I encourage you to step out from your comfort zone and see the world. The diverse experience will teach you so much about the world, and yourself. Feel free to contact me for any advice / help as you plan your first, or next adventure. 


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  1. edmooneyphotography
    Apr 10, 2013 @ 06:14:06

    Hi Jennifer, Thanks for taking the time to stop by and follow my blog, 🙂


  2. Louis Lessard (@lplessard)
    Feb 17, 2018 @ 14:56:01

    Thank you for this inspiration; 🙂


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