Travel: Mexican Riviera

ZaandamI spent the last week with some classmates aboard  the Ms. Zaandam cruising the Mexican Riviera. It was a great escape from school amid the post-finals haze, wiling away the days lazing by the pool, savoring cocktails, and dancing/gambling the nights away. The best part was spending quality time with great friends and making beautiful memories.

We had two port stops. One in Puerta Vallarta and one in Cabo San Lucas. I will admit, that it was less about culture, since these tend to big tourist ports, but, I had great opportunities to explore the landscape, and trek through a jungle.

2 Days were spent in PV:

MuleThe first day, we participated in an outdoor adventure. This involved taking an inflatable speedboat across the bay (a 20-min ride shrunk down from what is typically 1.5 hours long). We then hopped on a military grade jeep to climb from the rural village up to the mountain top. After gearing up, my mule Capriciosa, was generous enough to carry me further up the steep trails. She was a runner, and kept trying to weave past all the other mules. Haha.

We then zip-lined, and rappelled ourselves back down the mountain. I basically participated in all these outdoor activities that I eventually want to pick up as a hobby. It was the most adrenaline filled and exhilarating day I’ve had in quite a while.



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