Travel Day: Alta to Stockholm

Nothing of significance happened today. Since Alta has less frequent flights than other major cities, it took a bit of coordination for us to figure out how to get to our next city, Stockholm, Sweden. Originally we were going to fly to Oslo and catch a high-speed train across Scandinavia, but the plane tickets we were looking at sold out. We ended up buying plane tickets straight to Stockholm which was supposed to arrive at the same time the train would have.

 Our first flight was at 10 AM. So we woke up at 7 AM budgeting time for the drive back to the airport. Since it was a local airport, there was literally no security line and we were almost immediately at our gate. It was quiet and relatively empty, so we grabbed a bite to eat and took advantage of the wi-fi. I spent my time trying to play catch-up on my posts since our late nights and slow internet connection did not provide me with optimal circumstances.

We arrived at Oslo around 1:00 pm by way of Tromso (There was a quick 20 min stop to unload some passengers and load some new ones). After grabbing lunch, all we could do was bide our time until our next flight was set to board.

After boarding our flight at 3:30, we sat awhile as the inspector completed a visual appraisal of the plane. He ended up finding a crack and decided to send the plane to the warehouse for further analysis. They ended up sending a bus for all the passengers so we could switch to another plane they had arranged for on the tarmac. I, for one was grateful for the decision despite the fact that we arrived in Stockholm later than planned.

After some rest at our hostel, we grabbed a late dinner before retiring for the night.