Enroute: Houston to Lima

At last! It is time again for another adventure! Tom and I couldn’t be more excited to cross another continent off our list. (Although, I do have the advantage, as this is now my 4th continent, but only his 3rd).

Unfortunately, the major trade off with far-away places is the initial travel time required as an investment. This time was unfortunately no different. ­čśŽ Since we opted to use a chunk of our mileage supply, the most efficient plane tickets came with a number of trade-offs.

The first and foremost one being that our flight was at 8:50 AM. Because of this, we had to drop our puppy, Hiro, off at his boarding appointment the evening before. We also had to wake up at 4:30 AM to make sure that we got to the airport by 6:00 AM at the latest. All after a final night of last minute errands and packing.

Then we had a 4-Hr layover in Costa Rica. It’s a short enough amount of time to not want to risk leaving the airport, but also a long enough timespan for you to get reasonably bored. Basically all we did was eat (two SmashBurger meals for a whopping $34!) and YouTube or Facebook; I read a few chapters on my Kindle as well. Amen to free wifi!

By the time we landed in Lima it was 8:45 PM! After a 45 Min bus ride, we FINALLY checked in to our hotel at 10 PM. We then promptly made a game plan for the day before passing out.

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