Journey to Norway

At last, we have arrived! Norway has long been a place that I have only dreamed of. From the glacier-made fjords to the rolling mountains, and, further north above the arctic circle, the aurora borealis waits for us. This nation is rich in its Norse history, and Tom and I look forward to exploring more of it. 

 With a total travel time of 15 hrs, it was not surprising that both Tom and I were exhausted by the time we arrived to our hotel in Oslo. Both of us promptly passed out at 3 pm intending to wake up an hour later, but dutifully failed. We ended up not waking up until 8 pm! Unfortunately, it was far too late to do much exploring, so we merely took a 15 minute walk to try the “Voted best kebab in Oslo.”

I should have made an executive decision when I saw the size of one after the girls in front of us put in an order. I didn’t realize that Tom didn’t see how large the servings were. Neither of us managed to finish our portions, so we brought them back to our room to save for later in the fridge.

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