Travel: Austria to Italy

Today, was an extremely tedious travel day. Who knew that getting from Austria to Northern Italy would take so long? I had the option to either transfer once to a bus in Verona, the infamous city of the tragic Romeo and Juliet, or to take trains the entire way. Rather than risk getting lost and missing my connection, I opted for the latter option. Unfortunately, this entailed two transfers, and an average of 45 min stopovers.

2013-05-24 05.00.00

As such, I awoke early to catch a train from Salzburg to Innsbruck. From here, the train from Innsbruck to Verona was the longest leg of my trip. I am a little disappointed that I became so engrossed in my novel, that I missed the fluid transition from green mountains, to watching snow gently waft down from the sky.

It was completely breathtaking, and not a view I had prepared for, having missed the gentle slope that the train had obviously chugged upwards on.

2013-05-24 09.42.55


Finally arriving in Verona, I latched on my Travel Belt (Yes, the only place I was terrified of being pick-pocketed in was Italy) and hopped on my final train for the day. I successfully arrived in Venice around 5 PM.


2013-05-24 09.54.51

Unfortunately, the hostel did not provide walking directions, and the tourist desk did not have any maps left. Rather than risk being the lost in the maze of the city, I opted for the suggested method of travel to the hostel, the water taxi. It was so expensive! Definitely an experience, but not worth the cost, when the entire city is meant to be traversed on foot.

I then acquainted myself with a lovely new Australian friend, and we ventured to a nearby pizzeria for our first Italian Dinner. 🙂

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