Travel: Absinthe Woes

The hostel I chose to stay out while in Prague was truly like family, including a communal dinner that gave residents ample opportunity to make new friends, discover new cultures, share drinking games, and mingle while simultaneously causing havoc on the town. This was also the case when I decided to partake in the festivities on a Friday night.

English: Absinthe

Somewhere along the lines I got convinced to take a shot of Absinthe. (when in Europe after all ^_^). Fortunately I am a practical person, and that was the limit to my drinking for the night, in addition to a glass of wine and a bottle of cider earlier in the evening. It was far too easy to lose track of time in the club, enjoying the beat of the music.

My friends and I had difficulty locating the appropriate tram stop back to the hostel however, and we ended up running to catch the WRONG one, and had to hop off to wait for the RIGHT tram in the opposite direction. We then had a chow-down at the hostel, and didn’t succeed in crawling off to bed until around 5 AM.

Unfortunately, despite the memorable night this had a ripple effect on my carefully planned itinerary. I was unable to charge anything, or remember to set it to charge before passing out; Therefore upon waking up late, I had to finish some organizational tasks on my computer, and charge my camera and phone before I could leave. I only had one adapter. Needless to say, my Saturday was very slow and not that productive.

Have you ever had one of those days? You just need a do-nothing, think-nothing, never leave home escape. I think I was probably long due for one, since I have now been traveling in Europe for over a month. What do you do when you hit this point?

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