Travel: Chocolate

It was time for me to leave my friend behind and move on to my next destination, backtracking to Koln. I will leave some closing thoughts about Hamburg, as stated by the famous John Lennon. 

“I might have been born in Liverpool – but I grew up in Hamburg”.

2013-05-01 07.23.50

When I arrived in Cologne, I was precariously short on sugar, so I started off in the Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum. I learned about the origins of chocolate as discovered by conquistadors when they encountered the natives in South America. This history then progressed through the evolution of chocolate from a dark, bitter, drink for tribal nobles, to a sweet sugar-filled bite. It even included the methodology behind the harvesting and processing of chocolate, as well as the cult icons and products that have developed from this rich candy.

2013-05-01 06.29.42

One of my favorite parts included the tropicarium, a carefully designed and maintained ‘greenhouse’ of sorts that can support the life cycle of the cacao tree.

It was definitely a sweet moment!




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