Travel: Transition Day to Barcelona

Didn’t accomplish much today, we were considering visiting the Mosteiro  de San Miguel de Los Reyes but after the awe-inspiring El Escorial, we weren’t sure it was worth delaying our train. This is particularly true since we like to arrive in our next city early enough to accomplish some tasks before night hits.

AKA. It was a travel day. After arriving at our destination of Barcelona, we had just enough daylight to spend traipsing around Parc Güell. It originated as a commercial housing project, founded by the Count Eusebi Güell. Inspired by the  English garden city movement, the intention was to exploit the fresh air and capitalize on the beautiful views by providing 60 triangular lots of luxury houses.

2013-04-16 13.32.112013-04-16 13.17.47









However, only two houses were eventually built, and although Gaudi is associated with these, that is far from true. Gaudi did, however, live in the park from 1906 to 1926, purchasing the remaining vacant lot at the count’s suggestion. It now houses the  Gaudi House Museum.

A big part of the design, incorporates  a slew of mosaic tiling.

2013-04-16 13.16.202013-04-16 12.10.40

Obviously, we didn’t accomplish as much as we usually do, due to my jam-packed schedule planning. Nonetheless, it was relaxing to just take a quiet, no schedule, breather day.

2013-04-16 13.19.082013-04-16 12.45.47


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