Travel: Fatima NightLife

I LOVE BEER - Collection Bar
My friend insisted that I get the opportunity to experience some of the local nightlife, So at 11 PM I found myself at a bar called “I ❤ Beer” with a handful of her friends. Since being in europe, I have made an effort to drink beers that are less accessible back in America, thus, I found myself enjoying a large bottle of Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse. After enjoying a diverse range of conversation topics ranging from life, to death, to current troubles, it was already 2 AM! I truly applaud her friends for using English (their second language) and making an effort to more effectively communicate with me.

To my surprise, the night was not over! We headed over to a Disco Club called Lerias Bar (things apparently don’t kick off here until around 2 AM). It was an 80’s night, and I enjoyed some old american throwbacks, and also got exposed to popular Portuguese artists from back in the day. They also have present-day record artists, but saturday 80’s nights tend to have the best crowd.

Back home, I’m used to bars & clubs closing around 2 AM; In Portugal, the average is around 5 AM. Fortunately, the group called it a night around 4 AM, so I was back in the house and in bed by 4:30 AM.

What a night! It was an alternative glimpse of the youth party-culture in Portugal.

What exotic places have you partied in? In Mexico, we witnessed a Tequila Fire Tower, unfortunately we couldn’t get any good pictures.

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